Landlord Tips: Why use a property management company?

KPM Group - Property Management Company Ireland - Landlord Tips: Why use a property management company?

Becoming a Landlord can be a very rewarding experience. More often than not your investment will return a steady flow of income. This unfortunately isn’t always the case as some landlords end up with tenants who don’t pay their rent on time, or damage the property resulting in costly repairs. It’s at this point most landlords wish they had a property management company to deal with these issues on their behalf. A professional property management company has many benefits for landlords. This saves landlords time and money and makes being a landlord more rewarding.

Reliable Tenants

As a new landlord, you may be eager to get tenants in without really dedicating any time towards checking up on who it is you are about to have rent your property. Where do you even begin with a background check? What about criminal records etc?

This is where your property management company comes in. They can run a full background check on any potential tenants. This will ensure you get reliable and respectful tenants for your rental, saving you on potential costs down the line.

Legal Issues

No one – even landlords – enjoys dealing with legal issues like evictions, inspections, negotiations or lease terminations. Your property management company can take care of all of this for you, including things like rent collection and ensuring your property is up to standards and can pass any inspections.


One sure-fire way of losing money on a rental is to have it sitting empty. Despite your best efforts, it can happen to everyone, even with current demand as it is. It’s not only about finding the right tenants, but what if the previous tenant has damaged the property or just left it in a mess. It may take time to right the property again for rental. More cost, more time. 

A good property management company can negate all of these problems. If any damage or other issues exist with the property they will be dealt with straight away and many tenants will already be lined up just waiting to go.

Lower Maintenance Costs 

Property management companies will always have their own team of service providers and tradesmen. Having access to this as a landlord will speed up any repairs needed as well as saving on the cost of hiring in external workers. Also using the same team any time will ensure familiarity with the property and the tenants.

Hiring a Property Management Company

In the current market, a good property management company can be the difference between success and failure as an investor. Many go it alone and of course there are plenty of success stories, but an equal amount regret not taking on a team straight away, particularly those with little to no experience of the industry.
At KPM Group we can take you through all of your options as a property owner and show how we can work together to save you money and time. Contact us today and let’s begin our journey together.

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