Developing a Property Portfolio

Making your first investment and moving from managing just one property to potentially several properties can be quite daunting. Here are some helpful tips to help you mitigate any risks involved in building your property portfolio in Ireland. Financial goals When investing in property the first thing to be sure of is your financial goals. […]

Why You Need A Property Management Company


Buying to let is a tried and tested way for investors to increase their wealth. Some investors manage their own properties, while others choose to hire a property management company like KMP Group. Those investors who choose to manage their properties themselves will certainly save some money on management fees, however they take on all […]

5 Ways Landlords Can Save Money


The best way that landlords can reduce risk during uncertain economic periods like the current COVID-19 pandemic is to cut costs. By cutting costs you will be able to maximize your ROI or at the least reduce the impact on your portfolio. Tempting Remortgage Rates As a landlord one of your biggest expenses is undoubtedly […]

Buy-To-Let: A Beginner’s Guide

Buy To Rent Ireland

1. Do Your Research Entering the Buy-To-Let market, especially at the moment, is a big commitment. Before you take the plunge, make sure your money wouldn’t perform better elsewhere. If you are ready, however, then make sure to do your research before investing. Investing in property has been remarkably profitable for some, but it is […]

What to Do When Members Are Harassing the Board of Owner Management Companies (OMCs)

Board of Owner Management Companies

As an OMC board member, you’ve undoubtedly encountered heated discussions at meetings. You know the topics covered at your meetings involve people’s homes, their quality of life, and their financial circumstances, issues which can be difficult to discuss, particularly as many points of view are present. Despite your best efforts to build a positive relationship […]

How will Covid19 affect buy-to-let investors in Ireland?

buy-to-let investors in Ireland?

2020 has been the most challenging year in memory for many industries in Ireland, and Buy-to-let is no exception.  After one of the longest runs in rising rents since the days of that infamous feline, the bubble had already begun to deflate at the beginning of 2020. Now as we get ready for 2021, many […]

Getting ready for winter as a landlord.

Winter at Glencoe

What exactly do landlords need to be aware of as we head in to the winter months? Properties can suffer if not tended to for a long time… and winter is exactly when those issues will arise. What then should you be doing as a landlord heading in to winter? Here are some tips to […]

Proof of Income is Crucial for Landlords. Here’s Why!

Female carpenter counting money, top view

Every Landlord is aware of the volume of information you need to collect from new tenants. Often proof of income can be forgotten particularly when you have already confirmed their employment and run the appropriate checks. Here’s why you should always look for proof of income and what to do if your new tenant cannot […]