Landlord Tips: Owner Management Companies

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So what exactly are these Owner Management Companies you keep hearing about as a new landlord? If you buy a property in a multi-unit development, an Owners Management Company (OMC) legally owns the common areas in that development. These common areas and related services can be internal, external or structural.  Membership of an OMC When […]

Landlords & Homeowners to take hit as ECB hikes interest rates

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An expected 250,000 homeowners are to be hit by the ECB’s recent decision to increase interest rates by 0.5%, with tracker mortgages to be hit first. A rise in variable interest loans is also on the cards, but not expected from banks for another few weeks.  Rush to lock in fixed rates Many now expect […]

Up to €50,000 in Grants available to refurbish vacant properties

KPM Group - Property Management Company Dublin - Up to €50,000 in Grants available to refurbish vacant properties

As of this week, grants of up to €50,000 will become available to owner-occupiers and first-time buyers to refurbish derelict and vacant homes in towns & villages around the country. The government has created the €50 million fund to “support” people to live in towns and villages in Ireland by providing this grant to refurbish […]

Landlord Tips: Top 10 Tax Deductions

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That time of year is fast approaching again and we will all need to file our tax returns. As a landlord there are many tax deductible expenses such as management fees and mortgage interest payments. Let’s take a look at the top ten tax deductible expenses for landlords in Ireland. Registration Fees As of this […]

Is it Worth Hiring a Property Management Company?

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A successful rental property portfolio can provide many advantages for investors, like regular income and tax benefits to inflation protection, which at the moment is more apparent than ever. But there can be many headaches to deal with along the way, which is where a solid property management company comes in.  What does a Property […]

Landlord Tips: 9 Questions You Should Be Asking Potential Renters

KPM Group - Property Management Company Ireland - Landlord Tips: 10 Questions You Should Be Asking Potential Renters

As a landlord, you should have a standard set of questions to ask any prospective renter in order to make sure you are getting the right tenants. These questions should be the same for every tenant to help expedite the process. Here are 9 essential questions to ask prospective tenants. Why Are You Moving? Ideal […]

Landlord Tips: Commercial Property

KPM Group - Property Management Company Ireland - Landlord Tips: Commercial Property

If you are a first-time commercial landlord then read on for some tips and advice about commercial letting in Ireland. There is quite a bit to cover so we’ll jump straight into some main points. Tenant Screening A common mistake among Commercial and Residential first-time landlords alike is being too eager to get the property […]

AirBnB to Block Unregistered Landlords

KPM Group - Property Management Company Ireland - AirBnB to block unregistered landlords

Last week we spoke of the new regulations coming into effect soon that hopes to curb the amount of properties that are ending up on short term letting platforms like AirBnB and others. In response to the current situation, AirBnB has suggested the Government should go even further.  Regulations Recently the Government announced tighter regulations […]

Landlord Tips: 5 Potential Scams To Avoid

KPM Group - Property Management Company Ireland - Landlord Tips: 5 scams to avoid

It’s a landlord’s worst nightmare. A seemingly perfect tenant moves in to your property and 30 days later the rent doesn’t come in. How is this possible? They ticked all the right boxes and seemed to be a perfect fit. Unfortunately, you may have been scammed. Let’s look at some of the top tricks or […]

OMCs: How to handle late payment of service charges

Service charges are the lifeblood of any Owner Management Company. Without the regular flow of cash, it becomes very difficult to keep the operations of apartment blocks running smoothly. So how best to handle situations where service charges are not being paid? Service Charge Collection When surveyed by KPM, one of the main reasons our […]