New Campus Style Approach To The Irish Office Space

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Over the last 12 months, which saw the vast majority of office space vacated during the pandemic restrictions, investors in the office space property market were rightly concerned that their properties would never fill up again with so many employees now working from home. While this is now becoming a reality as companies start to […]

How To Calculate Your Return On Investment On A Property

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Investing in property has turned out to be one of the most lucrative and safe investments people can make. With so many benefits like a monthly cash-flow and tax advantages, it also allows you to increase your wealth, enabling you to save for retirement or other events. Despite the seemingly endless technical jargon and paperwork […]

Peloton brings another boost to the County Cork office sector

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More great news for the County Cork office sector as fitness giant ‘Pelaton’ has decided to take up to 70,000 Sq Ft of office space in the city.  This adds to an already positive outlook for the area which is already home to the likes of Apple, Amazon and most recently Facebook, who have been […]

Is it a good idea to buy a holiday home as an investment?

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As the country begins to re-open many of us are eager to get a break away from our busy lives and have a relaxing few days on holiday. While foreign holidays may still be off the cards it seems holiday homes in Ireland could now be the craze as people begin to realise just how […]

More positive news for the office sector

There is more great news for the office sector here in Ireland this week as Chinese based social media giant Tik-Tok has committed to renting the entire 210,000sq ft Sorting Office in Dublin’s Docklands for 15 years. The move will see the company have over 2000 new staff members move into the Mapletree Investments owned […]

All positive signs from first quarter

It seems strange that despite the obvious hurdles and losses in other sectors, the signs coming out of the first three months of the year are overwhelmingly positive regarding the property market in Ireland. Most noticeably is the €1.2 billion investment in Commercial property in the first quarter. This is despite commercial and retail being […]

Property improvements

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As a landlord in 2021, it’s wise to always be on the lookout for ways to improve your property that can help bring in increased revenues to you and help attract the right  tenants.  It is that time of year again after all, sun shining, lambs leaping, and who doesn’t love a 2 hour que […]

Investing in property abroad in the age of Covid

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With a rare few days of beaming sunshine upon us, I’m drawn to the thoughts of sunny beaches and dinner alfresco listening to the waves crashing in the background. Bliss.. But for those who had planned to invest in such luxuries in the near future, what lies ahead in the age of Covid? Travel The […]

Current State of Irish Markets

House prices to rise by up to 6% in 2021

With Covid-19 still presenting daily challenges to the economy, with the rollout of vaccination programmes around the world we can begin to see the end in sight. We are far enough along now also to have a real sense of the damage caused over the last 12 months to various sectors in the property industry […]