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In order to solve the current housing crisis we are going to need a lot more apartment complexes being developed in urban areas. So much so that the Government is now willing to subsidise new apartment builds up to the tune of €120,000 per unit once certain conditions have been met. But amongst renters there is a growing desire for a greater sense of community. Later in this article we’ll discuss some options regarding the top amenities developers should consider for new apartment complexes in detail, but for now let’s explore the idea of community in our developments.

Creating community in apartment complexes

It’s all well and good having every convenience under the sun, but what about people. The more we automate and manage through our phone screens, the less we actually interact with our fellow humans. Modern apartment complexes should have planned events and other ways of helping residents connect. 

Recent surveys suggest community interaction is top-of-mind for tenants. It was found that 83 percent of residents polled believed face-to-face contact with friends and family is an important feature, while 58 percent believed apartments should “provide quality services and amenities for the community.”

To 5 Amenities to consider

Tenants who pay large fees want an easy life, and increasingly that’s translating into a desire for more services and technology, and new developments that can accommodate both. 

One example of this is the latest trend of Smart Lockers which can facilitate many items from Package delivery (very important in today’s climate), laundry and can even be refrigerated for storing food deliveries. When used in combination with smart technology and applications, you can control access to your locker remotely which again provides many possibilities for use. 

Let’s take a look at some options as to what you may consider offering in your next development.

1. High-speed Wi-Fi all round

In the modern age, high-speed Wi-Fi is a must. Particularly in the post covid era, it is imperative that tenants can access high speed internet in order to keep their jobs, let alone recreational needs like streaming high quality film or music. 

2.  Coworking space

The modern coworking space can no longer be just an office with a few desks thrown in. Nowadays people want snack bars, coffee bars, private conference rooms and free Wi-Fi. To attract the best renters this is a huge area of interest in the future. Definitely worth the investment.   

3. Smart features

Smart homes and apartments are the future. We all see it coming. So updating current units or installing smart features is certainly worth the spend. For example, smart thermostats are simple to install and bring big savings for tenants, allowing them to adjust their heating remotely. By also providing features like smart locks and light switches, you’ll offer an eco-friendly and unique high-end apartment that the right tenants will look for.

4. Green area

Green space is the perfect amenity for tenants in the city. A landscaped area with lots of green can help tenants relax and unwind after a long day. This also provides another area where residents can meet each other and improve their community.

5. EV charging 

You might want to consider EV chargers as a high-end apartment amenity. This is certainly not a small investment, but it may be one worth making if potential residents will take advantage of them. Government grants are available to those installing EV chargers, so definitely worth looking at.

Property Management Company

At KPM Group we have over 25 years experience in property management, particularly large scale apartment block management. If you require assistance of any kind regarding your portfolio, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time and a member of staff will be happy to help in any way we can.

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