What Does the Interim Remediation Scheme Mean to Landlords?

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In the wake of concerns regarding fire safety, structural integrity, and water ingress defects in apartments and duplexes constructed between 1991 and 2013, the Irish government has announced plans to address these issues through proposed legislation. This legislation aims to establish an Apartment and Duplex Defects Remediation Scheme, emphasising the safety and welfare of residents in affected properties. While the specifics of the scheme are contingent upon the passing of legislation, interim measures are being introduced administratively to ensure the immediate safety of occupants.

What is the Interim Remediation Scheme?

The Interim Remediation Scheme serves as a stop-gap measure to address fire safety concerns in buildings until comprehensive remedial works can be completed. It targets eligible properties constructed between 1991 and 2013, aiming to fund emergency fire safety defect works to maintain an acceptable level of safety while awaiting full remedial measures. These interim measures primarily focus on enhancing fire detection and alarm systems, ensuring safe escape routes, and managing fire safety protocols within buildings.

Who Qualifies for the Interim Remediation Scheme?

Eligibility for the scheme extends to apartments and duplexes built within the specified timeframe, experiencing defects due to faulty design, workmanship, or materials that contravened building regulations at the time of construction. However, the scheme does not cover defects resulting from inadequate maintenance, mismanagement of building works, or insufficient planning for system replacements. To apply for the scheme, authorised representatives of Owners’ Management Companies (OMCs) must submit applications, as funding will be allocated to these entities rather than individual homeowners.

How to Apply for the Scheme?

Applying for the Interim Remediation Scheme involves completing the designated application form provided by the Housing Agency. The form should be filled out comprehensively, ensuring all required information is provided. Upon submission, applicants can expect to receive a case number within seven to ten working days, along with detailed information outlining subsequent steps in the process.

What Does This Mean to Landlords?

For landlords, particularly those owning properties within the specified construction period, the Interim Remediation Scheme presents an opportunity to address fire safety concerns promptly. By engaging with the scheme, landlords can ensure the safety and welfare of their tenants while awaiting comprehensive remedial works. Furthermore, participation in the scheme demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling legal obligations and prioritising the well-being of occupants.

Property Manager Dublin: About KPM

As a leading property management company in Ireland, KPM is dedicated to assisting landlords navigate the complexities of property ownership, including compliance with legislative requirements such as the Interim Remediation Scheme. With extensive experience in property management and a commitment to excellence, KPM offers tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of landlords across Dublin and beyond.

In conclusion, the Interim Remediation Scheme represents a crucial initiative aimed at safeguarding the lives and properties of residents in affected apartments and duplexes. Landlords are encouraged to take advantage of this scheme to address fire safety concerns promptly and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. For more information on how KPM can assist landlords in navigating this process, contact us today.

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