Top Neighborhoods in Ireland for Profitable Rental Investment

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Investing in rental real estate can be a lucrative way to build wealth, but choosing the right location is crucial. Ireland’s major cities like Dublin, Cork, and Galway offer plenty of appealing neighbourhoods for property investors to consider. Here are some of the top areas offering high rental prices, strong tenant demand, and potential for property appreciation:


  • City Centre – While property prices are quite high, landlords can command top rental rates from the steady stream of corporate and tourist tenants. Rents of €2,000+/month for a 2-bed apartment are common. Properties hold their value well.
  • Rathmines – Rents of €1,800-€2,400 for 2-bed and high occupancy rates from the mix of young professionals, families and students. Easy resale when prices rise.
  • Phibsborough – Up-and-coming area with 2 beds renting for €1,500-€1,900/month and lower entry prices for investors looking to get in early.


  • City Centre – Student housing is in very high demand near the universities and hospitals, with rents of €1,300-€1,800+ for a 2-bed. Properties appreciate steadily.
  • Douglas – Family-friendly residential suburbs with 3-bed homes renting for €1,400-€1,800/month and good re-sale potential as families trade up.
  • Ballincollig – Affordable prices around €250k for a 3-bed house. Rents of €1,200-€1,500/month and rising demand from new development.


  • City Centre – The constant influx of students at NUIG underlies strong demand. 2 beds achieving €1,400-€1,800/month in rent. Located near amenities that tenants want.
  • Salthill – Scenic coastal suburb drawing rentals of €1,200-€1,600/month for a 2-bed. Summer rental premium when tourists visit.
  • Oranmore – A more affordable buy-in of around €220k for a 3-bed house. Rents of €1,100-€1,400/month and quickly developing with amenities.

When selecting an investment property, factors like jobs, transport, schools and amenities all drive tenant demand and rent potential. Areas with multiple drivers of rental demand allow landlords to keep units occupied at favourable rates. With Ireland’s growing population and economic outlook, these neighbourhoods present great options to invest for cash flow and long-term appreciation.

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Investing in the right rental property in a high-demand area can be the key to generating strong cash flow and building long-term wealth. Whether you’re a seasoned property investor or just starting out, the team at KPM can provide the local expertise to help you identify and capitalize on the most profitable opportunities across Ireland’s top cities. With positive economic and demographic trends, now is an ideal time for investors to partner with KPM and explore these prime rental markets.

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