We have a proven track record in maximizing rental returns.We work on every scale from single units to large scale property portfolios. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide strategic and sound advice

    KPM Can Manage Every Aspect Of Your Rental Property Portfolio

    Becoming a Landlord can be a very rewarding experience. More often than not your investment will return a steady flow of income. This unfortunately isn’t always the case as some landlords end up with tenants who don’t pay their rent on time, or damage the property resulting in costly repairs.

    It’s at this point most landlords wish they had a property management company to deal with these issues on their behalf. A professional property management company has many benefits for landlords. This saves landlords time and money and makes being a landlord more rewarding.

    Tenant Screening

    We run a full background check on any potential tenants. This will ensure you get reliable and respectful tenants for your rental, saving you on potential costs down the line.


    We can take care of any advertising you need for your property including photography and any other required materials.


    We have our own team of service providers and maintenance contractors. Having access to this as a landlord will speed up any repairs needed as well as saving on the cost of hiring in external workers.

    Rent Collections

    We can arrange all rent collections and provide up to date reports at set intervals or upon reuqest.


    KPM Group will ensure any compliance issues are dealt with swiftly and professionally.


    KPM is one of the only managing agents, fully authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to act as an Insurance intermediary. Regulated by both the Central Bank of Ireland and the
    Property Services Regulatory Authority, KPM Group has the highest level of compliance having been independently assessed and verified.

    Conflict Resolution

    Utilising the latest software we are able to deal with and provide real time updates on any existing conflict resolution issues.

    Other Services

    As well as everyting we’ve mentioned here. KPM Group also provides a wide range of Property Management Services. See our homepage for more details.

    Property Management Software

    At KPM we provide a service charge and administration system which allows KPM to record AGM, Director and Committee meeting notices, minutes of meetings as well as provide a host of other administration features necessary for running an OMC.

    KPM App Screen Mockup

    Some other services we offer

    ● Residential Property Management
    ● Facilities Management
    ● Property Maintenance (Managing contractors)
    ● Sales/Lettings
    ● Property Portfolio Management
    ● Insurance Intermediary Service (Regulated by Central Bank of Ireland)
    ● Regulatory and legal consultancy to Board members
    ● Debt Collection
    ● Building Investment Consultancy (Future Proofing)

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    Call Today!
    01 844 2400

    Why choose KPM

    Why choose
    KPM Group?

    • Experience – KPM has 20 years experience and over €1 billion of assets
    under management
    • Experienced property managers – with wide ranging organisational
    • Securing value through aggressive expense control and superior tenant
    • Full compliance with current industry regulations
    • 24/7 reactive maintenance cover – large independent panel (Southside)
    • Regular engagement with board – fortnightly/monthly
    • Added value from industry experience including insurance claims
    management, Health & Safety, industry legislation, company and financial
    compliance etc.